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TrueBees was born in 2022 when U-Hopper, a deep-tech SME, and a team of researchers from the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Trento joined forces to fight the diffusion of synthetically AI-generated images on social networks.

With the support of TruBlo, an EU-funded project and part of the NGI (Next Generation Internet) initiative, the team developed an innovative solution that combines innovative AI digital image forensics methods with blockchain technology for guarantees that a given visual user-generated content is safe and trustworthy.

After collecting encouraging results during multiple testing phases, the team decided to invest additional resources and further develop the solution into an accessible product, capable of supporting professionals in the media industry and legal services.

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Giulia Boato photo
Giulia Boato Chief Scientist
Diego Taglioni photo
Diego Taglioni Head of Sales
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Rossana Bartolacelli Product Manager
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Luca Zardini Software developer
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Nicola Arpino Software developer

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