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TrueBees is the first deepfakes detector able to detect AI-generated portraits shared on social media and to prevent their diffusion across the web.

  • Verify image trustworthiness quickly and easily
  • Only share photos you can 100% trust
  • Help fight against deepfakes and disinformation
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Check images’ trustworthiness instantly and effortlessly

Recognizing a deepfake with the naked eye is anything but easy; AI is really good at generating images that look incredibly realistic. The only weapon media professionals have to detect its evil tricks is another type of “good AI”, which is used by TrueBees to quickly clear up any doubts when stepping into an ambiguous or uncredited image.

Make your audience feel safe when browsing social media

AI image generators are becoming more and more popular, and easily accessible. As a consequence, deepfakes are spreading without control throughout the Web and social media. Media professionals have to make an effort to let users feel safe and access trustworthy news on both print and online media outlets, social media, and online magazines, without the fear of getting misinformed.

Do your bit in the fight against deepfakes and disinformation

Preventing you from sharing AI-generated images on social media makes you play an essential role in the fight against deepfakes and stop the diffusion of alarming situations such as scams, cyberbullying, revenge porn, and computer crimes. We all have the right and duty to do our part and stop these threats before they turn into reality.

Spot AI-generated portraits, in a blink of an eye:

Step 1 Create your account by filling in a simple sign-up form
Step 2 Add your preferred payment method and billing details
Step 3 Check images’ trustworthiness with just one click

Designed for professionals in the media industry and law firms

Press and news agencies

Make fact-checking easy and fast for your collaborators.


Coordinate news editing and publish with 100% confidence.

Freelance journalists

Provide guarantees on the trustworthiness of your contents when selling to media outlets.

Lawyers and legal advisors

Provide evidence on the trustworthiness of pictures used in lawsuits.

Deep-fakes Q&As

Deepfakes is a neologism that derives from the fusion of the words deep learning (a branch of Artificial Intelligence, AI) with fake, and it refers to the synthesis of the human image based on Artificial Intelligence.

TrueBees is a system for authenticating online images by exploiting the synergy between digital media forensics and blockchain technology.

On the one hand, forensic analysis allows us to verify the trustworthiness of an image portraying a human face; on the other hand, blockchain provides a secure data structure where to store analyzed images.

Forensic analysis algorithms have been developed and trained extensively by our top-notch researchers, and have been able to detect deepfakes with an accuracy of 97.99%* on a reference test dataset.

*G. Boato, C. Pasquini, A. Stefani, S. Verde, D. Miorandi, ”TrueFace: a Dataset for the Detection of Synthetic Face Images from Social Networks”, in Proc. of International Joint Conference on Biometrics (IJCB), Oct. 2022.

TrueBees only detects fully synthetic images portraying human faces; this means it does not detect (yet) images that have been partially altered, screenshots or frames excerpted from deepfake videos, nor non-photorealistic images (art, graphics, renderings).

However, please consider that an algorithm that works on all types of images and for any online site does not exist in the world!

TrueBees is the first (and, as of today, only) system able to detect AI-generated portraits after they have been shared on social media platforms. When sharing an image, indeed, the platform processes it (compressing, cropping, reducing size etc.) and this makes it hard for existing detectors to correctly classify the image. TrueBees overcomes these problems with its innovative approach based on fine-tuned deep networks.

The first step consists in creating an account and adding a payment method. Once you set up your account, you can choose whether to verify one image directly on TrueBees’ platform or to let your developer integrate with TrueBees’ APIs.

Never let any image out without verifying it first

With an accuracy of 97.99%*, truebees tracks down any fully AI-generated image and prevents you from accidentally sharing it.

*system accuracy on a reference test dataset (G. Boato, C. Pasquini, A. Stefani, S. Verde, D. Miorandi, ”TrueFace: a Dataset for the Detection of Synthetic Face Images from Social Networks”, in Proc. of International Joint Conference on Biometrics (IJCB), Oct. 2022.).