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Artificial Intelligence and blockchain against deepfakes on social media

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Did you know that every 60 seconds on the Internet:


photos are shared on social networks


videos are streamedon YouTube


postsare published on Twitter


videos are streamed on TikTok


messages are sent on WhatsApp and Messenger


Deep fakes: a growing phenomenon

Manipulating an image or video is becoming easier and easier. Deep Fakes, that is the synthesis of the human image based on Artificial Intelligence, is a growing phenomenon today. Apart from a few examples of comedy or jokes, however, the scenarios opening up are alarming: scams, cyberbullying, revenge porn, computer crimes.

AI (and blockchain) vs. AI

TrueBees was born to fight the diffusion of synthetically AI-generated images on social networks, by combining innovative AI digital image forensics methods with blockchain technology. Our goal is guaranteeing that a given visual user-generated content is safe and trustworthy.

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Leading Research University in Italy, its Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science is ranked 1st in Italy and 13th in Europe for Computer Science (Best Global University Rankings 2021).

More than 200 projects have been funded in the last 9 years, 27 under H2020 (9 as coordinator). The Media Lab is an internationally recognized research group in multimedia forensics (DARPA UNCHAINED, PRIN PREMIER).

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Deep-tech SME founded in 2010 specialised in the design and development of AI-based Big Data Analytics solutions. Since 2019, it also delivers blockchain-based solutions for customers in the marketing, media and edtech segments.

The company has received numerous awards, both nationally and internationally (including official acknowledgments by the European Commission) for the innovative nature of its solutions.

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